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Panda Bling and Other Things

Since I have a few new readers, some of you might not know that I am obsessed with the panda. This started many years ago and culminated in me going on Pandacon a few years ago. That year I got to see the panda babies in San Diego as well as the pandas of DC.

I have panda trucker hats, tank tops, t-shirts, stuffed animals (not a lot), and even panda poop paper that I bought while at the San Diego zoo. Most of these items were bought by my friends and family. They run across panda something and buy it for me.

Well, I finally bought myself something panda related:

Yes. I finally found some sort of panda bling. It wasn’t cheap, but the minute I saw it I knew that I had to have it. It’s tacky as hell but you KNOW I will rock the shit out of that ring because I do NOT care. (Sidenote: Sorry for the blurry cell phone photo. I do have real cameras, but hate to pull them out for crap like this.)

In other news, in about 2 weeks I am done with my undergrad. I repeat: I AM DONE WITH UNDERGRAD.

There is only one problem…I “might” be failing a class. I hope not and I’m busting my ass to make sure that doesn’t happen. There have been skipped runs and everything trying to get caught up and a better grade in this class. I would hate for ONE fricking class to keep me from graduating. Seriously.

In other news, I’m registering for a couple of duathlons. No biggie. I want to do a race a month, but we’re not finding any I want to do. I don’t mind riding my bike and Coach thinks that it can give me a bit of relief from some of this heat and still improve my cardio so I’m going for it. I PROMISE not to become one of those bloggers that only talks about triathlon. I find the bike boring as fuck, but I want to try new things and find ways to workout 7 days a week. I also want to really improve my fitness. However, I am always a runner. I will still run 5 days a week. Period.


Today’s run: 5.3 miles | 54 minutes or so (I am too lazy to download my stats.)

I almost “postponed” this run until this evening because I woke up feeling tired and nauseous. (I was up around 3am like it was the middle of the day. I hate insomnia.) At the last minute – I have a narrow window for running in the morning since I have to be at work at 8:30 – I got out of bed, threw on mismatched running clothes since I haven’t done laundry in eons, ate a clif shot block thingy, sucked down some water and headed out. And…I had an EXCELLENT run.

I think I was nauseous because I was hungry. I usually would not take in nutrition before a run, but maybe I need to. I felt far better on this run than most.

I did 6 x :30 bridge repeats that KICKED my ass. They were in the 8:30 range. For uphill, y’all!!!! Sadly, when I got home this evening I realized I did the wrong – and harder – workout. Whoops. I’ll just swap them out.

I’m pretty sure that I’m undertrained for my half marathon. (Is that possible?) I have 5 weeks. If I can squeeze out my 12 miler and 2 x 13 milers then I’ll stop stressing. Fortunately, I’m boozing less and sleeping more. I kind of feel like I’m on track…just like with school. Woot!

How’s your training going? Have you ever run a race undertrained? Was it scary? Should I stop stressing out?

Stuff (AKA – No Cute Title)

Due to the cold and stuff I had a lazy week of running last week. I only got in 4 runs and totaled about 16 or so miles. Nothing to write home about or anything. However, I did get in 3 30 Day Shred Workouts. I’ve also lost another pound, so I’m not sweating my lack of running. We’ll just say I was still recovering from my half. Works for me.

This week it looks like the weather will see a significant improvement and I’m ready to get back to work. I guess I just needed a bit of down time. I’m thinking of doing something that looks a bit like this:

M – Shred
T – 5m
W – 4 miles Fartlek (1 minute hard/1 minute rest) – SHRED
Th – 5m
F – Shred
S – 4m
S – 8-10m
Total – 26 – 30m depending on how I’m feeling. I’m not going to cry if it’s a bit less, either.

I was going to just run randomly, but I find that I need to have some mileage goals or some sort of loose framework. Otherwise I have a week like last week. It was unorganized and I ran out of days to get my runs in. I’m pretty much in a loose mileage building stage. Buidling mileage for what? Hopefully a fall marathon. That’s why I’m not really sweating this too much right now. I just want to get up to about 40 miles per week.

Outside of running, things are going well. I’m super busy these days and possibly in a bit of trouble with school. My midterms sneaked up on me again and I’m in no way prepared. This week will be spent doing tons of academic reading and writing as well as preparing for my Spanish midterm. I have to hit both of these midterms out of the park to save my semester, so I’ll be busy, busy busy.

Finally, some have asked about the guy that’s taking up a bit of my time. In a nutshell, I’ve met a cute, vegan cyclist. He writes in complete sentences and is the same age as me. (Those that do the internet dating thing know that it’s usually just overrun with 50 year olds trying to get  into your pants. Pathetic.) The only issue is that he lives up in WPB which is about 45 minutes from me. So, there’s that. For right now, I’m just enjoying the company. No stress.

What have you guys been up to??

Brief Hiatus


I’ve totally let the work pile up for finals. I have 2 papers due on Friday along with a small project on Saturday. Then another 5 page paper due the following week. I’ve done very, very little work on any of these because I suck and procrastinate a lot. The next few days I will be doing nothing but reading, writing, working, and running. I’m unplugging the TV. Taking a break from Twitter. All of the things that I let distract me. (Believe me, there are many, many things.) So not fun, but it has to be done sometimes.

I’ll see you all on the flip side when I’ll have tons of time to talk about all kinds of bullshit.