Life With Willow

As we all know, I got a new pup after Gio passed away. (May he RIP. I still cry at least once a week for him. I know that’s depressing, but damn it! I still miss the Notorious LIG (Little Italian Greyhound.))

She is a beagle named Willow. I got her at 6 months old after she had already been surrendered. I think her name was Lola with her old family. She might have been a showgirl.

Weird side note: I was a HUGE Barry Manilow fan growing up. I had a t-shirt that I found at Goodwill that my mom hated. It mysteriously disappeared.

The first month or so was ok with Willow. Then she started destroying everything she touched. Here are some of the things that she has destroyed:

  1. My prescription glasses.
  2. My Ray Bans.
  3. Numerous shoes.
  4. 3 beds and a pad for her crate.
  5. More pairs of undies than I can count.
  6. The legs of my furniture.
  8. My blinds.
  9. The pulls on my blinds.
  10. Lots of books.
  11. Umbrellas.
  12. Lotion bottles.
  13. Socks.
  14. Wires

The list goes on and on, but you get the idea. Life here is hard with this pup. The first few months, I cried a few times a week. She was completely overwhelming.

She also developed a drinking problem:

About a month ago, I found out that Willow barks all day in my absence. I was kind of aware of her barking. She would bark the entirety of my run. (This is honestly, why I have not run or worked out in over month. More deets on this later.)

Though I replied in a nasty manner, I bought devices to keep Willow from barking and got a trainer.

The cops still came a couple of weeks ago. Good thing Willow looks like this:

I got  a trainer for my little girl and was told to do the following:

  • Run her for 2 hours everyday
  • Feed her in her crate
  • Ignore her when she barks or is bad
  • Buy a Flirt Pole
  • Get her lavender
  • Get a bigger crate….I did. Look!:

There are other items, but that is the bulk of it.

I’ve been working on those items, but many of the products I was told to buy were not available in stores so I’m waiting on them. Most were really cheap on EBay.

So, imagine how shitty I felt when I came home today to find another note about how AWFUL Willow is? She is still barking.

I was freaking out earlier, but my mom and dad insured that we will work through this or move. Also, my landlord is on my side. He thinks it’s my nasty neighbor complaining.

Bottom line – I DO NOT WANT WILLOW BARKING. I just wish I had the time to implement what we have learned.


I know my parents think differently, but if this continues I will have to get rid of Willow. How can I part with this?:

Yes…that is a chewed up notebook beside her.


2 thoughts on “Life With Willow

  1. dog walker

    Ugh. Sounds stressful. I’m sure your trainer told you this already, but have you tried feeding her all of her meals in puzzle toys (like a Kong or a Busy Buddy)? If so, have you tried freezing them first, so they take longer to work out? Not sure what your budget is, but a dog walker or doggy day care might be an option too. Also, lavender is nice, but DAP is stronger. Hope that helps! ( or

  2. ggadventures

    She is now eating all of her meals in her crate using puzzle toys. I’m waiting on a couple of Squirrel Dudes and she has a kong. The kong really does not keep her too interested.

    She does not need a dog walker since I work a mile away. I come home at lunch. She’s never home alone for more than 4 hours which is why this is a bit annoying.

    Looking into DAP and maybe once a week doggy daycare. (I can’t afford any more.)

    Also, she’s been coming to the office with me this week.

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